What is ... design?

An abstract concept such as design is difficult to explain. Design can mean simply arranging elements on a page or in a room. The word can be used to describe an intention or purpose. Our definition is a bit more inclusive.

Our mission is to take your idea and create a clear and compelling presentation. This doesn't just mean pretty pictures and all the bells and whistles. Technology offers the ability to make our web pages and print designs do many things. But what good are these gizmos with no clear purpose?

Good design is seamless and invisible. It showcases your message without overwhelming your audience. Elements such as animation definitely have a place and a purpose and we can add these things to your presentation if appropriate. But using these just to use them often clouds the overall message. We'll help you decide when these elements are appropriate.

What we do ...

We want to tailor your publications in a way that honestly and clearly gives your target audience a sense of what you are doing. That means plenty of personal attention and frank discussion. We aren't the biggest company around, but is that such a bad thing?

We can take care of all of your print and web needs and we offer some of the most reasonable rates on the market. Whether you're a small company looking to expand your market or a freelance photographer needing an online portfolio, give us a call and we'll get to work for you.